Khawa / Mava

Khawa mava

Our Prayag Company prepares Khawa/mava most traditionally. Our professional will produce high-quality mava with our high-quality milk. We are selling high-quality Khawa/mava, which comes under a delicious one. The milk is gradually stewed in an enormous iron Kadai till all its dampness vanishes, and it lessens to solids. In Indian cooking, particularly in northern India, Khawa/ mava structures a base of practically all desserts. Contingent upon the sort of Khawa/ mava, which can go from being difficult to delicate to granular, they are utilized in like manner in desserts. Our Khawa/ mava is additionally added to curry recipes. A convergence of milk to one-fifth volume is typical in the creation of Khawa. Khawa is utilized as the base for a wide assortment of Indian desserts.

On the other hand, our Khawa/Mava has been prepared using the delicious one. We are selling high-quality sweets that provide from our store. Furthermore, our Prayag company provides a high-quality mava that has unique assortments. So, we are here to provide high quality and affordable sweet products for loyal customers. Grab attention on our tastiest Khawa sweet from us. We are delivering only healthy products. Get the first class Mava sweet from our Prayag company.